Does the translation correspond to what the original says? Can you please confirm if this sentence is OK in English? Vráz succeeded in getting the orang-utan bodies. As a stranger, he did not manage to deport himself with dignity when paying for the sacred animal that was shot dead by his unfailing companion Wilson in a duel with a young Dayak whose life he wished to rescue. Explanation: Vraz ( a Czech traveller) tried to get oangutan bodies and he suceede in doing this. ....... by his unfailing companion Wilson (Vráz´s companion) in (Wilson´s) duel ...... whose life he (Wilson) wished to rescue. Thank you
Oct 5, 2013 5:12 PM
Answers · 1
Looks ok, the only thing I can see that is questionable is the verb deport. Im not exactly sure what is being said here. Perhaps conduct would be better. He didnt manage to conduct himself with dignity?
October 5, 2013
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