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how to say someone's height in Italian For example, "I'm 160 cm tall." Is it "Sono alto/a 160 centimetori."??
Nov 30, 2013 9:21 AM
Answers · 3
from the shortest way to longest: sono (alto/a) uno e 60 sono (alto/a) un metro e 60 sono (alto/a) uno e 60 centimetri sono (alto/a) un metro e 60 centimetri if you add "centimetri" it sounds like you want to be very precise. the first and the second are the most common. sono alto/a 160 centimetri it sounds a little odd, but it's ok. Maybe it could be used if you went to a tailor or for a medical examination, but you can still use the previous ones. if you are talking about a child you should say: mio figlio è alto 50 centimentri
November 30, 2013
Noi diciamo in questo modo: sono alto un metro e 60 [centimetri]. Quanto sei alto ? Un metro e 80. (non diciamo mai 'centimetri')
November 30, 2013
Si, "(io) sono alto/a 160 centimetri."
November 30, 2013
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