What's the difference between 安排 and 组织?
Jan 31, 2014 12:00 PM
Answers · 3
这两个词都是动词,但是对象不一样。比如 妈妈为我安排了一场相亲;公司组织了一场盛大的相亲活动。一般是组织了 “聚会、活动”等。而一般安排了具体的工作,任务或者其它活动!
March 28, 2014
安排一般用在:由长辈、 上级,领导或是有经验的人,布置给下级,下属或着平级的工作或任务! 例如:安排工作,安排任务。安排事情。 安排有必须服从的性质在。组织:有商量沟通的内容在!
February 8, 2014
The situation should be divided into 2 parts: 1.If both of them are used as verbs,"安排" might mean “arrange” and “组织” might mean “organize”; 2.If “组织” is used as nouns,it could also mean “tissue” in medical field. Especially, "组织" is a kind of call for the political parties.
February 2, 2014
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