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Some grammar tests I have filled out some grammar tests recently. I have checked the correct answers and there are several that i don't understand why are these the correct ones. So I am confused a little. By the way,if you can find any mistakes in these sentences feel free correct me. Thanks. 23. I'm awfully sorry, but I ... the password just now. A/ don't remember x B/ couldn't remembered C/ am not remembering D/ can't remember back The key answer sheet says 'A' is the right answer. Why? I have chosen the C. Why is C wrong? -------------------------------------------------------------------- 25. I wanted to buy a Sony camcorder, but the the last one ... yesterday. A/ has sold B/ was sold C/ was selling D/ sold x The key answer sheet says 'D' is the right answer. Why? I would choose the B . ...the last one "was sold " yesterday. Is it wrong? -------------------------------------------------- Thank for your help very much in advance.
Feb 15, 2014 6:56 PM
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Hi, Question 23: you wouldn't use "remembering" in this context. Remembering is past tense and the question is present tense which is why you would use "don't remember" An example for "remembering" would be "I was remembering the day we went to the beach" Question 25: As a native English speaker both B and D are correct. Both questions seem to be more Americanised as opposed to how an English person would speak in my opinion. Lee
February 15, 2014
For 23, it's incorrect to use a stative verb (remember) in that context. Use simple tense. Question 25 is poorly-written. A product can both "sell" or "be sold". I realise what the quiz is trying to ask, but they should have eliminated other possible options if the correct answer was to be D.
February 15, 2014
I would choose B/ was sold
February 15, 2014
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