Can someone explain these two Chinese sentences for me? "如果想到我会哭你会心疼吗?" "剩我一个人听他们劝我" I know most of the words, but I just wonder how you would translate them, and how the sentences are built up. For example the word structure in the second sentence. 谢谢!
Mar 13, 2014 6:38 PM
Answers · 5
these ARE difficult to translate cause they ARE sort of from lyric. you just let it go and speak them again and again. 如果想到我会哭 你会心疼吗 if it comes to you that i would cry, will you heart feel painful? 剩我一个人 (我)听他们劝我 I was left alone. and listend to their pursuade
March 14, 2014
如果想到我会哭你会心疼吗? Will you feel pain if I cry? 剩我一个人听他们劝我 Expose me to their consolving words alone.
March 15, 2014
"如果想到我会哭 , 你会心疼吗?" "剩我一个人 , 听他们劝我" Add a comma would make sentence more clear. But 2nd one looks weird ...
March 14, 2014
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