I wonder what part Dash plays. There are some sports, specifically rugby and boxing, that involve high levels of violent physical contact. Young people are introduced to these sports at a very early age when they may not be old enough to make decisions based on all the relevant facts — there is also great pressure to be ‘tough’ and take part in contact sports. These sports should be banned in order to protect individuals from serious physical injury and to protect society from their harmful effects. Some of them are unacceptably dangerous, resulting in paralysis, brain damage and serious injuries for many unfortunate players. Banning these sports is the only way to ensure that young people in particular are protected from the dangers involved. — there is also great pressure to be ‘tough’ and take part in contact sports. I wonder what part Dash plays. Please help me! Thanks!
Mar 14, 2014 6:51 AM
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Em-dashes are often used in roughly the same way as a pair of brackets/parentheses. It marks a part of the sentence which is important enough to mention, but not vital to understanding. "I went to the shops (and bought some eggs), when I got back home, the house was on fire!" The fact that I bought eggs doesn't matter, but for some reason it's included anyway.
March 14, 2014
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