What's the difference between 누구랑 and 누구? I know that 누구랑 and 누구 both translate to "Who", but is there a certain when they both should be used?
Mar 16, 2014 1:45 AM
Answers · 5
Hi. I give you some examples. '누구' and '누구랑'. You can use '누구'. Who is this? Who are you? ---- You can use this '누구랑 or 누구와'. > It means 'with you / with me / with+Name'. (O) I go to movie with my friend tonight. (나는 친구랑 / 친구와 영화를 보러 갑니다.) (X) I go to movie with tonight. (나는 밤과 영화를 보러 간다.)
March 16, 2014
I think 누구랑 : with who 누구 : who ..but sorry if i give you the wrong informations.i'm learning too.
March 16, 2014
누구? = who? 랑 = and (non-formal and usually used for person/people) 누구랑? = with who?
March 17, 2014
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