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Help translating a Hafez poem into English, please? (I only need a very, very rough translation) گفتم کی ام دهان و لبت کامران کنند گفتا به چشم هر چه تو گویی چنان کنند گفتم خراج مصر طلب می‌کند لبت گفتا در این معامله کمتر زیان کنند گفتم به نقطه دهنت خود که برد راه گفت این حکایتیست که با نکته دان کنند گفتم صنم پرست مشو با صمد نشین گفتا به کوی عشق هم این و هم آن کنند گفتم هوای میکده غم می‌برد ز دل گفتا خوش آن کسان که دلی شادمان کنند گفتم شراب و خرقه نه آیین مذهب است گفت این عمل به مذهب پیر مغان کنند گفتم ز لعل نوش لبان پیر را چه سود گفتا به بوسه شکرینش جوان کنند گفتم که خواجه کی به سر حجله می‌رود گفت آن زمان که مشتری و مه قران کنند گفتم دعای دولت او ورد حافظ
Mar 18, 2014 12:13 AM
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Hi. This is an almost exact but not poetically professional translation of the poem. hope it helps. I asked: When will your lips give me the joy? She said: They will sure do as you say I said: but they demand a price so high I cant pay She said: No one loses in such an affair I asked: Who could find the path to your lips? She said: This is to be told to the ones who know! I said: Leave worshiping the idols, worship the god! She said: In the world of love both shall be done I said: to breathe in the alehouse washed the pain She said: blessed are those you make that happen I said: Wine and the worship? not the way of faith! She said: In the faith of the old vintner both can happen I asked: What would the old gain kissing such lips? She said: They'll rejuvenate them by a sweet kiss I asked: When can the man enjoy his sweetheart? She said: The time the Jupiter and the moon get also close
March 18, 2014
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