Could anyone explain to me what is a difference between "creation" and "creature"? Thanks a lot.
Jul 25, 2014 10:22 AM
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1) CREATURE: A creature is a living thing; there're flying creatures(birds, flies), sea creatures(fish, dolphins), and even imaginary creatures(unicorn, monsters, tom and jerry, doraemon) etc. 2) CREATION: The act of creating/introducing something new, or something that has been created, especially, using skill or imagination. (In science and religious view, it also means all living things and universe or cosmos). For example, "Birds' nests are the extra-ordinary creations."
July 25, 2014
Consider, if you will: "CREATED identities (such as the Cosmos) however, can be understood to be identities which come from a non-existent identity." The "non-existent identity" is a bit of a confused reference so I need to clarify. Creation is all that exists, which means that It has Come----Into---Being. There is a bit of a tricky reference here, which one sees in arguments about what exists as reality. When Mind or God is proposed as the "creator" the objection is that it should be shown how Mind or God as Creator was created. That is why the term "come into being" is critical. Mind or Creator is the specific thing which did not "come into being". The creator is not a three dimensional identity subject to the Space and Time Relation. It is said therefore, to be the "uncaused cause" or Prime Mover. .
July 25, 2014
You see the same root in both words. Creature, refers to a living organism, either plant, animal, human being, or even bacteria. Creation, can refer to both living and non-living, or animate and inanimate identities. Creation, in the broadest context, refers to everything in the Universe. The term Universe, is an older term. The modern term for "everthing" is Cosmos. The Cosmos, called a "creation" in the spiritual or metaphysical context, is all that has "come into" existence since the Moment---of---Singularity associated with the Scientific Theory of the Big Bang. The distinction must be indicated, that there is a difference between identities that are MADE, and those which are CREATED. Identities which are MADE, are constructed from pre-existing material. For example, a clay pot, is made from clay, that already exists. CREATED identities (such as the Cosmos) however, can be understood to be identities which come from a non-existent identity. The great question in philosophy, and also in Science, is how can the "creation" come from what is apparently, "nothing". The great knowledge that Science gives mankind, is that all that exists, "comes into being" or has an identifiable Cause. This answer stops at the Moment---of---Singularity. We cannot see what the Cause of the "Creation" (Cosmos) is. So, we have a great mystery. Usually, the answer is offered in the form of a Logical Proof, rather than an Empirical demonstration. Logically, the Cause or Creator is referred to as Mind, God, and so forth, because it would be unscientific to say something like, Matter---Caused----Itself. That is a redundant statement. .
July 25, 2014
Creations are those which is created by creatures.
July 25, 2014
A 'creature' is an animal of some kind, either real or imaginary. It can be anything from a human being to a tiny bug to a giant monster. 'Creation' is the act of creating something, and 'a creation' is the product. For example the outfits created by fashion designers can be referred to as their 'creations'.
July 25, 2014
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