How to say "better", "the best" or "the most" in in Korean? Hi I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to say: "better" - for example: "She's a better singer than I am" "the best" - for example: "That was the best meal ever" "the most" - for example: "I like ice cream the most" Rather than simply translating those examples, if you could explain the sentence structures to me so I know how to say "better", "the best" or "the most" in any situation that would be really great. Thank you very much for your help!
Jul 27, 2014 7:53 PM
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'Better' is a irregular comparative form of 'good'. 'Best' is a irregular superlative form of 'good'. I think if I explain it with a regular form, you can easily understand it. We usually use '더' as 'more' and '최' as 'the most' in Korean. But if the superlative is describing a verb, we usually use '가장' as 'the most'. 1. If you want to use 'better' in Korean, you can say '더 좋은' which means 'more good'. "그녀는 나보다 더 좋은 가수이다 = She is a better singer than I am." "그는 나보다 더 빠른 선수이다 = He is a faster athlete than I am." 2. If you want to use 'the best' or 'the most', you can use '최고' or '최상'. We usually use '최고'. "그는 최고의 가수이다. = He is the best singer." "그는 최고의 축구선수이다. = He is the best soccer player." 3. In the following sentence, I thought 'the most' is describing the verb 'like'. In that case, we usually use '가장' or '제일' in Korean. "I like ice cream the most' = 나는 아이스크림을 가장(제일) 좋아한다. I like the music the most = 나는 그 음악을 가장(제일) 좋아한다. I like him the most = 나는 그를 제일(가장) 좋아한다 I'm not a professional Korean teacher. But I hope this help you.
July 28, 2014
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