it's a small world! Is there any Arabic equivalent of this saying? (i mean, not just a literal translation).
Jul 29, 2014 6:08 PM
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Actually, it's a very common phrase. In MSA: Kam howa sagheeron al-'alam! = !كم هو صغيرٌ العالم = How small the world is! You can also replace the word "العالم" with "الدنيا" but you have to make some changes as "العالم" is a masculine and "الدنيا" is a feminine. So it becomes: Kam heyya sagheeraton ad-dunia! = !كم هي صغيرةٌ الدنيا = How small the world is! The phrase (Misaki) wrote means literally "The world is a small village" which is used in English too and has the meaning of your sentence. P.S. it's in MSA. In Syrian Dialect we say: Adiesh ad-dnieh sgheereh! = !أديش الدنيا صغيرة = How small the world is!
July 29, 2014
We say: العالم قرية صغيرة
July 29, 2014
Hello, this expression exist in Arabic. There are many ways to say this one. First of all, I do say something; about the expression of Misaki or Wael are totally correct to say in Arabic (MSA). Well, I will try to collect every natural expression in Arabic. In this sentence, we equivalent world rarely by al-3aalam, we do use: a-ddunya. 1 آه! كم الدنيا صغيرة 2 الدنيا صغيرة 3 كم الدنيا صغيرة 4 صحيح، الدنيا صغيرة 5 واللهِ لَلدنيا صغيرة
July 30, 2014
العالم قرية صغيرة
July 29, 2014
There is a huge diffrence between قرية and a world .. so العالم قرية صغيرة is incorrect ! If you don't want it litetal trans , why don't you give us the complete sentence , or maybe what is the sentence all about ? literaly is انهُ عالمٌ صغيرٌ ..
July 29, 2014
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