I could not make out what its meaning. I could not see these meaning with my dictionary. 1. I get carried away. 2. I gotta turn it up. Here is context; Your face is all I see when you're not here And I'm so surprised though I get carried away I could lose a day from thinkin' you might not feel the same But let me just say, I gotta turn it up Cos it don't matter
Aug 2, 2014 8:20 AM
Answers · 5
These are phrasal verbs. You can study whole lists of them if you google them, but here are the answers: 1. get carried away: means you enter of face of unconsciously doing something. For example, "the TV show was so interesting; I got carried away by the story". So in your example, I guess the speaker gets carried away by thinking about that person. 2. turn it up: a physical action to increase the magnitude of something, in most cases the volume of a sound source like a radio. "I can't hear what the TV host is saying. Can you turn it up?" I think the example you gave is from a song. So maybe she is saying "turn it up" to drown out thoughts of another thing.
August 2, 2014
to get carried away: to be overcome by emotion or enthusiasm/to get excessively involved, often emotionally to turn sth/sb up: 1. to increase the volume of a device emitting the sound of someone or something (literal meaning). 2. to discover or locate someone or something (figurative) In your case I guess the first one is the one. Or if you couldn't understand "gotta": It meand got to/have to so -> I have to turn it up.
August 2, 2014
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