In this video I m trying to make an American accent. is it good? . I want you to tell me how close or far away is my accent from the real american accent. here is the video link for you to watch.
Aug 2, 2014 7:59 PM
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What a wonderful idea. I'm a native U.S. speaker. I'm very sorry, overall, this is NOT very close to U.S speech, but VERY interesting to listen to. I think this is HARDER for me to understand than a Spanish accent would be. I am not an expert. I hope you won't mind my specific remarks. I think that: You have pushed some vowel sounds away from their Spanish places. You've pushed them in the "American" direction. But you haven't pushed all of them. And you've pushed some of them too far. "Video" sounds too Spanish--it is still "Veeedeo." "Native" sounds to me like "Neetive." "Well, basically"--pretty good. "Amurrican"--you've pushed it too far. You overdone it. I hear "Amurrican." The "Aah" vowel sound in words like "ask" is good. "Possible" is good. Your "I" vowel sound isn't right. A Spanish-accented "is" sounds to U.S. ears like "ees." Yours is in between "ees" and "is." Your "th" consonant sound right. "That" at 0:58 sounds like "dat." Your "-ing" ending isn't right. At about 1:00, "Speaking" sounds like "Speakeen." Incidentally, the great American TV news announcer, Walter Cronkite, did this too!
August 2, 2014
About a month ago I listened to the monologue that you posted on youtube. At that time, your accent was fine - it was clear and comprehensible. You sounded like a fluent speaker of English as a second language with a slight American accent. I understood 100% of what you said without any trouble at all. Listening to what you have posted today, unfortunately I can only understand about 60% of what you are saying. I can see that you are trying hard to sound American, but you are trying TOO hard. The other native speakers who listened to this also had trouble understanding some of what you said. You still have the slight pronunciation difficulties that you had a month ago (such as the b/v issue that I pointed out), but you've added more problems, such as the 'pushed too far' sounds which Dan has mentioned. This exaggerated - and at times incomprehensible - accent also gives the impression that your level of language is lower than it actually is. I know that you are fluent in English, but that's only because I listened to your recording a month ago. Believe me, this new pronunciation is not progress - your accent was MUCH better a month ago.
August 2, 2014
Hi Alfredo, I had a look at your video. I have lived with Americans and so although I'm Irish, I am very familiar with the accent. the main thing I would like to say is that when you speak slowly, your american accent is actually quite good...but when you speak faster...I'm sorry but I could not understand many of the words. As an expert in pronunciation, I would advise you to practice your accent need to give the muscles in your face, and inside your mouth time to learn these new shapes and to associate them with the words....and vowels...and consonants you would like to use. Have you had a look at the IPA in relation to an american accent? Well done :-)
August 2, 2014
This is pretty good! You sound like someone who was not born in America, but maybe has lived here for a long time. ; ) I could suggest focusing on pronouncing your "short i" sounds more like Americans...sometimes you get it correct, but sometimes your "i"s sound like long "e"s. Occasionally, the way you say the word "is" sounds like the American way of sounding "ees". When Americans say this word, it is with the "short i" sound, and the "s" is pronounced like a "z"....."iz". Also for example, sometimes you say what sounds like "veedeo" to an American, instead of "video" with the short i. Not bad accent, though!
August 2, 2014
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