make it later / make it earlier ? How to ask a friend to change our date? If me and my friend are going to have a date on 10 October. But there is something coming up and I want to change our date earlier or later. Do I say: Can we make it later to 15 October? Can we make it earlier to 5 October? any other expressions? Thank you :)
Aug 3, 2014 5:53 AM
Answers · 6
I think I´d say something like I'd like to change our appointment. or I need to change our appointment. and then Would October 15th work for you? or Would October 5th work for you? Hope that helps!
August 3, 2014
Can we make it later, and move it to the 15th of October? Can we make it earlier, and move it to the 5th of October? Can we move it back to the 15th, or move it forward to the 5th?
August 3, 2014
If I were to change plans with a close friend, then I might say " Can we hang out on October 5th or the 15th because something important came up on October 10th." There's a lot of way to say it, but if you want more of a formal way then I would suggest what Chris said "I'd like to change our appointment."
August 3, 2014
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