Differences: 敬意,尊敬,尊重 What are the linguistic differences in meaning and usage between those three terms: 敬意,尊敬,尊重 Also, are they all nouns or verbs? I got the impression that one of them is a verb, but I could use some clarification from a native speaker. :)
Aug 20, 2014 10:07 AM
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敬意is noun, means respect. 尊敬and 尊重are verbs, but we often use 尊敬的 ahead of someone's name to express our respect, we just use 尊重as a verb
August 20, 2014
敬意 is a noun, means show your respect to sb.. 尊敬 can be a verb, means respect sb., but we use it as an adjective in general, 尊敬的. 尊重 is a verb, nomarlly means show your respect to sth. or some words. Totally my personal view. Zhao Lei
August 21, 2014
這些意思差不多,但是用法不一樣!會有搭配的行為 noun 敬意,意思是有尊敬的心 我奉茶向父母表敬意(雙手捧茶端給父母,表示對父母尊敬,心懷尊敬的心,就叫敬意囉) 他站在墓碑前,脫下帽子對死去的消防隊員表達最高的敬意 v. 尊敬,尊有崇、敬重、敬愛等等的意思 他是長輩!不准沒大沒小,要尊敬長輩! 他是我最尊敬的長輩 v. 尊重 我媽都會看我的手機簡訊,很不尊重我! 雖然你是他的上司但是你也要尊重別人的意見! 至於看完後妳理不理解,妳就造幾個句子,然後給別人改!大概就知道妳哪不懂的地方在哪了~
August 20, 2014
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