what is the difference in spanish between ( obsequio y regalo)
Aug 20, 2014 6:09 PM
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Hi Ilya, They're more or less synonymous, but at least in Spain, "obsequio" is used to a greater extent, when used for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, we can see all its meanings in the dictionary with examples for better understanding: ☆ Regalo __________________ ♦ What is given to someone without expecting anything in return, as a token of affection or gratitude (regalo de cumpleaños). ♦ Pleasure or satisfaction that is received (Esos postres son un regalo para el paladar). ♦ Comfort and rest a person seeks to himself (vive con gran regalo en su mansión). ♦ Something very cheap (Estos pantalones fueron un regalo, solo me costaron 10€). ☆ Obsequio __________________ ♦ Gift (Tenemos un obsequio preparado para usted). ♦ Displays of affection or respect someone in order to please him (Pásese por nuestra oficina y recibirá su obsequio de bienvenida). I really hope this helps you, Ilya. Cheers!
August 21, 2014
"Regalo" is a common colloquial word, "Obsequio" is a better level of language but both are synonims.
August 23, 2014
Hola Amigo! Son sinoninoms, puedes usar los dos. De cualquier manera, 'regalo' es mas comun. Dependiendo del contexto, 'obsequio' podria ser apreciado por su belleza estetica (por ejemplo en poesia). Saludos! ENGLISH: Hi there! They are synonymous, you can use them both to talk about a gift or a present. Either way, 'regalo' is more common, depending on the context, 'obsequio' could be appreciated for its aesthetic beauty (eg poetry). REF.: I'm a Certified Spanish Teacher.
August 20, 2014
They both mean the same thing, they are synonyms.
August 20, 2014
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