Looking at maps How do I say: Look at the map. Read the map. in Mandarin? Also, is 间房子 a good translation of 'house'? Thanks!
Aug 22, 2014 7:17 AM
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1、Maybe you want to know the difference between “Look at the map.”and“Read the map.”. “look” is “看”,“read” is “读”,but the map is picture,so we use “看地图”to translate them. In EnglishI,I think use “look”is just have a look, useing“read”more seriou.they have different degree. If you really want to distinguish them,Use “看一眼地图”to translate “Look at the map.”use “看地图”to translate “Read the map”. In fact,sometime,we needn‘t to distinguish them."I'm reading",you can say:“我正在读书”or“我正在看书”. 2、“house” mean“房子,住宅”,间 is a partitive,“a house”mean“一间房子” . (If my English have grammatical errors,please forgive me~ )
August 22, 2014
看地图 用普通话说 The last one i can't get what are you trying to say. But "house" could mean"家,房子,住宅"。
August 22, 2014
'Look at the map' and 'read the map' can be expressed with the same sentence:看地图. But the meaning depends on the context. House in Mandarin is 房子, 间 is a measure word, a quantifier, like 'a piece of' in English, only we use it on everything. There are maybe less than 200 measure word in Chinese. Such as: 一间房子,一张桌子,一把椅子。 Measure word changes with the noun.
August 22, 2014
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