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값 vs 가격 vs 비용 What is the difference?
Aug 23, 2014 12:38 AM
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Hi Dominic, 값 = value 가격 = price 비용 = cost 1. All three can be used for the price of something. Ex. 이거 값이 얼마에요? = 이거 가격이 얼마에요? = 이거 비용이 얼마에요? = how much is it? 2. 값 is also used when describing 'value(=가치)'. Ex. 그건 정말 값진 경험이었다. = It was really valuable experience. 이건 값을 매길수 없다. = 이건 가치를 매길수 없다. = This is invaluable. 3. 비용 often refers the amount of money how much it costs for 'doing something'. Ex. 여행 갈때 비용이 얼마 들었어? = how much did it cost for travelling there? 이사하는 비용은 얼마정도 들어? = how much does it cost for moving? 재료 비용은 얼마정도 들어? = how much do the materials cost? Hope it helps.
August 23, 2014
값 and 가격 both means "price" 값 is native Korean word and 가격 is Sino-Korean word 비용 means "cost, expense, charge"
August 23, 2014
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