in the sentence, at home in your lounge, the meaning of at home is easy and comfortable.Is it right? It might be argued that the particularities of place are central to understanding music. Outsiders might enjoy hearing or attempting to perform various musics, but presumably the experiences and sentiments provoked will be rather different. Maybe everybody’s relationship to place is important, if not critical, to his or her experience of music — whatever its form. How does being in a street parade, church, airport terminal, or at home in your lounge influence your musical experience — its emotional impact and meaning? in the sentence,... at home in your lounge.., the meaning of at home is easy and comfortable. Is ti right?Would all musics be equally effective, or environmentally “at home,” in these places?
Aug 23, 2014 8:37 PM
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The lounge is an alternative word for a sitting room - it's the room in your house where you would sit and watch TV, for example. It's part of a list of different locations. So, yes, it's given as an example of a place where people feel relaxed, safe and comfortable (as opposed to somewhere like an airport terminal, where you are likely to feel stressed).
August 23, 2014
"Musics" is clearly a shocking aberration and undermines the credibility of the material you are reading. "Home" is all things to all people. It is highly debatable whether UNDERSTANDING is affected by the location. ENJOYMENT may be. UNDERSTANDING is to do with knowledge and study. You have picked some very dubious material to read. Is that good or bad for you?
August 23, 2014
For someone to “feel at home” means that they like the familiar surroundings. Examples: Joe feels at home in a smoke-filled country-western bar. I feel right at home when I am sitting on a rock, by a camp-fire in the woods. ---- Music is best appreciated in its appropriate venue. Marching-band music goes better with a parade than with a funeral. Classical music played with a cello and a guitar goes better with fine-dining than, say, a heavy-metal rock band.
August 23, 2014
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