For pets, do yo use "un/una" to describe their gender? Is saying "una gato" correct?
Aug 25, 2014 4:54 AM
Answers · 6
A femal cat is "una gata," a female dog, "una perra." If it's someone else's pet, you can use the masculine until you know the gender. You could also ask "¿Es gato, o gata?"
August 25, 2014
the gender of the noun and the gender of the article should coincide, so.."el"(male) always with male nouns (gato, perro, periquito, canario,caballo...) and "la"(female) with female nouns (gata, perra, tortuga, yegua, ...).
August 25, 2014
Gracias. For some reason I forgot that animal names are gendered as well.. I've always seen "el gato" all the time. Now I can give my cat the correct gender (even if she does have a boy's name) Thanks!
August 25, 2014
Hi! Yes, we do have gender for pets, and the article preceding the noun should match with it. El perro, la perra, el gallo, la gallina, el gato, la gata. (Also for plurar forms, of course.) REF.: I'm a Certified Spanish Teacher.
August 25, 2014
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