알지도 모르다시피 다음 표현을 배워 봤어요. 보다시피 = As you can see 알다시피 = As you know 듣다시피 = As you can hear 1) 다음 예문은 '-다시피'라는 단어와 더 복잡한 문법을 사용할 수 있나요? 알지도 모르다시피 As you may know... 2) 위에 쓴 '다음 표현을 배워 봤어요'라는 문장이 맞나요? 감사합니다!
Aug 25, 2014 8:28 AM
Answers · 3
1) As you may know... = 아시겠지만 or 아는지 모르겠지만 2) 다음 표현을 배워 봤어요 는 맞는 문장입니다.
August 25, 2014
Hi Mojave, 1) First of all, "알지도 모르다시피 (=As you may know)" makes sense. I've heard of "알지도 모르다시피" quite often. However, I don't think I've heard of "볼지도 모르다시피" or "들을지도 모르다시피".. But they make sense too. If you use them, we will understand what you are trying to say, but it just sounds awkward. 2) Yes, '다음 표현을 배워 봤어요.' is perfectly correct sentence. Hope it helps.
August 25, 2014
to put it a nutshell, Heesob's comment is very excellent. 1) it does not make sense at all. as you already know , a langlage has a typical style in expressing something that is conformed by the language community. 2) good to use
August 26, 2014
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