When to use "basta" and "bastanza"? Ciao, I learned that "bastanza" means enough from my Italian lesson. But I hear often that people just say "basta" to mean the same. Is "basta" just an informal and quick way of saying "bastanza"? Grazie! - Yan
Jul 20, 2008 9:16 AM
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just a few examples: Basta! Stop it! Basta perdere tempo!. Stop wasting time Basta chiedere per avere Let’s ask, to receive Ne vuoi ancora? No grazie ne ho abbastanza Do u want more? No thanks, its’ enough Ci vuole pazienza per imparare l’italiano? Do we need to be patient to learn italian? Si, abbastanza Yes, enough
July 20, 2008
The word "bastanza" is used in venetian dialect and means "abbastanza" or better "enough", example: Venetian - "Come steto?" "Bastanza ben!" Italian - "Come stai?" "Abbastanza bene!" English - "How are you?" "Well enough!" ... Basta = It suffice
July 27, 2008
The word "bastanza" was used in Italian language, but now it is a dated word replaced by "abbastanza"
July 26, 2008
"bastanza" is not an italian word. You'd correctly use "ABBASTANZA" meaning 1) enough f.e. Non abbiamo abbastanza tempo, we haven't enough time; averne abbastanza di, to have had enough of; 2) (alquanto) rather; quite (GB); (discretamente) fairly, pretty (fam.): Lo conosco abbastanza bene, I know him rather well; abbastanza vicino, fairly (o quite) close; Sto abbastanza bene, grazie, I'm fairly well, thank you. ABBASTANZA It's not a synonymous for Basta! even if in english they could mean enough: examples BASTA, ne ho avuto abbastanza di te! STOP I've had enough of you! Adesso basta!, that's enough!
July 25, 2008
not bastanza but abbastanza
July 20, 2008
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