Question about the ways of saying the numbers 4 and 7 in japanese? So, I'm used to, when counting, saying 4 as し, and 7 as しち. My question is, when else can I use it like this.. Like, in minutes, do I need to say よんぷん and ななふん, or can I say しぷん and しちふん??? Is it incorrect saying differrent?? And in numbers, can I say things like しひゃく and しちひゃく, and しせん and しちせん, or do I need to say it with yon and shichi?? I'm kinda confused 'cuz I hear people saying different things, also, I don't mind if is not very used, I need to know if it's incorrect.. ありがとうございます。
Nov 25, 2014 2:28 PM
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It depends on the things you count. I know it's difficult for the learners, however, please get accustomed to it little by little. 4 is read し、よん、よ Ex.) よじ、よんぷん、よんひゃく、よんせん、よっつ、etc 7 is read しち、なな Ex.) しちじ、ななふん、ななひゃく、ななせん、ななつ、etc *There are cases that we say ななじ、しちふん however, I don't hear しちひゃく、しちせん in everyday conversation. I hope this helps you.
November 25, 2014
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