Chiedo aiuto nella traduzione di termini e frasi dall'inglese all'italiano (campo finanziario) 1) Decision maker=? 2) The asset span equals the whole space R=? 3) Probabilities of the states=? 4) Value/values=? 5) CAPM-based cost of capital=? 6) Two shares of security=? 7) For some nonzero X=? 8) Twin security=? 9) Two equal-beta asset=? 10) True as it is, in the example of Table 3 valuation is twofold, but in decisional terms CAPM and arbitrage theory lead to the same behavior: The project is accepted. Is it the case that CAPM-based valuations lead to decisions compatible to those obtained with arbitrage pricing?=? 11) Indeed, an arbitrageur would sell short 0.77 shares of security=?
Nov 27, 2014 11:08 AM
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