I have a small essay about hobbies to be translated into Korean. Throughout ourlives many people bid their time doing certain taskes to make their living or pursuing other goals. Our hobbies are redemtion from our everyday errands and duties. They help us to enjoy outselves, give us pleasure and help us to develop persoanlly. I would like to learn photography as my hobby. Photography is fun and perosnal for everyone. Nowadays with digital cameras it has never been easier to leran photography. Besides the modern cameras and all the gadgets associted with photography are fun to use. It will help me discover talents, artistice abilities and give insights of the world around me, making me learn and discover new things. After mastering the art of photography I would like to capture the moments of my life in an artistic manner and share it with the people aound me. Therough the medium of photograpy I will connect myself to the past, assocociate myself with certain events and preserve the memories in artistic manner.
Nov 30, 2014 8:27 AM
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