do or go ? do gymnastics or to go in for gymnastics do judo or go in gor judo do jogging or go in for jogging Are there any differences ? if yes, can you explain it, please. Thanks a lot
Dec 2, 2014 10:41 AM
Answers · 3
One addition: you don't "do jogging". You "jog". "Jog" is verb so you use it on its own here. "Gymnastics" and "judo" are nouns, so you need a verb like "do" or "practice".
December 2, 2014
Daley: I think you would not contribute to your own development in the English language by adopting the phrase Go---In---For. I know that this is commonly used in common English dialogue, but that does not make it right or effective. Remember, Literalisms are always better than Idiomatic expressions. Idiomatic expressions are the resort of people who are not effective communicators in their own language. Once one adopts the habit of using Idiomatic Expressions, one loses the ability to articulate literal meanings. You can eliminate also the simplistic expressions such as by employing other phrasing like this. "I practice gymnastics." or, "I engage in gymnastics." or, "I practice jogging." or, I engage in exercise, and in particular, jogging." or, "I am involved in jogging and exercise." "I participate in a regimen of exercise." Phrases like; "I go in for....etc." are trite and overused. I mean, look at it. A 1 letter word, followed by two, 2-letter words, followed by a 3-letter word. .
December 2, 2014
Yes I would say do gymnastics and judo and go jogging. Because doing jogging does not sound correct.
December 2, 2014
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