What do you understand this? How many meanings? But we got along.
Dec 2, 2014 3:01 PM
Answers · 2
1) Get along without something. - It was rain bat I had got along without an umbrella. 2) To some processes or activities. - How is your work getting along? I could ask you if I know you start working on something and the progress of your work is interested for me. One more example - How is you getting along with your new book? Thank you! (might be answer) My book will be finished soon and you will first who read it. 3) To relations. - We didn't know each other but we got along and became a bosom friends. 4) I think I'll be getting along now, I want to be home quite early. Here "get along" means "to leave" 5) "To get along in years" means "to grow old" or "advance in age. For example - Grandfather is getting along and doesn't see too well any more. 6) In some informal situation. You say I'm wonderful? Get along with you! Here last sentense means - Don't talk nonsense! One more example with the same meaning - Oh, get along with you! Do you think I'd believe a story like that? Good luck with learning English!
December 2, 2014
It means, "we were able to be together without there being problems", in general. Exactly what it means depends on the context. If people don't like each other or disagree about something,then you'd say something like, "Despite our differences, we got along fine." I you case, with the "but", this is what it means. Or it can be positive. "I get along very well with her," meaning we like being together an cooperate well.
December 2, 2014
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