what's the difference between "league "and "alliance "? Hi,everyone,today I have learned a English word "league ",and I also know a word "alliance ",but I don't know the difference between the two words.Can you tell me that ?thank you ^_^
Dec 5, 2014 12:39 AM
Answers · 2
Hi Julia, Normally a league is a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation. The most common examples may a.) The League of Nations and b.) a league of sports clubs that play each other. An alliance is a pact, coalition or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests. It is a political agreement between countries to support each other in disputes with other countries. Both of these words are very similar when it comes to countries trying to unite for a common goal, or when talking about teams/groups. I can understand why it is a bit confusing. Usually an alliance would be between 2 or more countries (or groups) while a league would be a larger group of countries (or groups).
December 5, 2014
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