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Would you be interested in helping a new Korean language group? I wondered if anyone would be helping out a new site that is starting up : the "stack exchange" Korean site at stack exchange is not like italki - it's NOT a place to chat, meet friends or ask for help. It works as a database of really common questions and answers about a topic. I'm sure you've all seen simple questions on here where if you google the question, it has actually been answered a few times on italki already? It's a solution to that problem. The site actually isn't working yet - it's just a 'proposal'. What they need is for people to 'vote up' the questions that are useful, and suggest some new questions. So if you can think of some of the questions that are asked over and over again here, maybe those would be good ones to suggest. Sorry for the spam and I hope this is not out of place - I think 'Stack Exchange' is very different to italki so it's cool to know about both.
Dec 6, 2014 9:57 AM
topo morto
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