Can you give me example sentences with "get"? I think "get" is one the most used words in English but it has many different meanings. This could be confusing for learners, like me. Can you give me example with different meanings of "get"? First example from me; I am bored=I got bored
Dec 6, 2014 3:37 PM
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As Peachy said, this is probably the most difficult word in English to explain, because it is used in so many ways, many of them idioms. Do you have any specific questions?
December 6, 2014
Besides the meaning of "having" or "acquiring" something, "get" also can be used to mean a process is happening, as in your example. "It is getting colder every day" means the weather is becoming colder with each passing day. Another slang meaning is given in the following example: "Do you understand?" "Yeah, I get it!" / "No, I don't get it!" Both mean "understand" in this example. I will stop here since there are many usages of "get," but if you have specific examples, please write them out.
December 6, 2014
There are hundreds and hundreds of examples! Unfortunately, the example you have given is not correct. It should be "became"(past) and not "am"(present).
December 6, 2014
'Get' as a main verb has three main meanings: Receive/obtain/acquire: I got a present Arrive/Reach: I got to school Become: I got ill 'Get' in the sense of 'become' can combine with past participles eg get drunk, get dressed. This form corresponds to equivalent reflexive verbs in many languages. 'Get' can also be a causative verb, as in 'I got my car fixed'. 'Get' can also combine with prepositions and adverbs (eg up, off, through) to mean many different things. The best way to learn how to use these expressions is in context, for example 'I get up at 7am every morning'.
December 6, 2014
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