what does "Slewfoot"mean? "Son, what do it put in your head? Do you mind what we said we'd do, full moon in April?" "I dis-remember." Somehow, the seasons always took him unawares. It must be neces-sary to be as old as his father to keep them in the mind and memory, to remember moon-time from one year's end to another. "You ain't forgot what I told you? I'll swear, Jody. Why, boy, the bears comes outen their winter beds on the full moon in April." "Old Slewfoot! You said we'd lay for him when he come out!" "That's it."
Dec 7, 2014 10:54 AM
Answers · 2
"Old Slewfoot" is the name they've given a particular bear. My best guess is that it means "slow foot". They're going to "lay for him", or hide and wait for him to come out and presumably shoot him.
December 7, 2014
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