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What about that? My friend texted me and said "Do you like silk?" I say "I guess I like it but what about that?" And I wondered if "what about that" is correct sentence and if it sounds rude. I wanna say like それがどうかした? in Japanese, which is not rude at all. When you don't know why people ask that question maybe all the sudden, is it ok to say "what about that"? or should I say "what about it?"(I don't know the difference neither(it or that)) Can anyone help me out? Thank you!'
Dec 7, 2014 12:27 PM
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'What about that?' wouldn't be understood. It wouldn't be clear in this situation what you meant. A typical native-speaker response would be. 'I guess I like it. Why do you ask?'
December 7, 2014
Thanks you, Natalie:)
December 15, 2014
Good Question! I would say that "What about it?" would be the correct way to say it. But, "what about it?" implies that you are hiding something that you don't want others to know OR that you are offended by the question. For example 1, Sam: Do you like silk? Anna: Yes. What about it? (Anna's response implies she is offended by Sam's question and she is skeptical of his intentions) Example 2: Sam: Do you like silk? Anna: Yes. Why do you ask? (Anna's answer implies she is being polite and honest. She really wants to know why Sam asked her that question). I hope that helps!
December 15, 2014
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