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many and a lot of I know that I cannot use 'many' in affirmative sentences, only in negative and interrogave ones. But I often meet this word in affirmative sentences. Foe example, "I have many books at home'. Is it mistake or not? I am confused about this question.Could you help me? Thank you in advance.
2015년 5월 31일 오전 2:36
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Hi there, Certainly you can use many in affirmative sentences, also in negative sentences and questions. Your example is correct. In questions, people also use any instead of many, they are both correct. Ex: - I have many friends. = I have a lot of friends. - I don't have many books = I have a few of books. - Do you have many friends in your hometown? or Do you have any friends?
2015년 5월 31일
It's not a real rule, so much as a matter of "sounding natural." I strongly recommend you practice using the rule you were taught, but once you reach an advanced level, feel free to ignore it. Other things being equal, overuse of many / much actually sounds more formal, and overuse of "a lot of" sounds informal.
2015년 5월 31일
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