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Văn Tuấn Kiệt
Some question about the similar words in Korean Hi, sorry for my bad English. Anyone can help me solve these 4 questions? 1/ What is the different from 걸다 and 달다? They both are something like "hang" 2/ What is the different from 깨끗하다 and 청결하다? Both are "clean" 3/ What is the different from 따뜻하다 and 따스하다? Both are "warm" 4/ What is the different from 갑자기 and 문득? Both are "suddenly" Sorry if I asked too much, hope that you guys here can help me. Thanks much :)
Jun 10, 2015 6:38 PM
Answers · 2
1. 걸다 is used when you hang something on a hanger. So you'll hang your clothes on a hanger. 옷을 옷걸이에 걸다. 달다 is used when you attach something on like a wall. So you'll hang a painting on the wall. 그림을 벽에 달다. So 걸다 is more temporary and 달다 is more permanent. 2. 깨끗하다 is used when it's clean and not messy. e.g., 집이 깨끗히다. House is clean and not messy. 청결 is clean as in hygienic or sanitary. 3. 따뜻하다 is when an object is warm or whether is warm. e.g., 호빵이 따뜻하다 or 날씨가 따뜻하다. 따스하다 is a bit sentimental. e.g., 따스한 봄바람. warm spring breeze but more in a sentimental way. Or 따스한 어린시절의 추억 fond/warm memories from childhood. 4. 갑자기 is suddenly. 노래가 갑자기 끝나다. 문득 is also suddenly/abruptly but it's pretty exclusive for thoughts. Thoughts that come up to your mind suddenly/abruptly. When I have that kind of questions for English, I like to just type the word or expression in the google search box. Cuz then I can see how other people have used the word/expression in different contexts in their websites/blogs. So that way I can kinda pick up the connotation or nuance. A lot of times I end up at too hahaha There's no Korean version of urbandictionary but you can use 네이버/다음 or google to see how Koreans actually use those words. Hope it helps!
June 10, 2015
Văn Tuấn Kiệt
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