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Please correct these sentences 1. Ann went to the spectacle. Tom performed the main role, he was a rebel and had a willful character. 2. Tom blames Ann, that she is very absent-minded and careless. Yesterday she tore her new dress and didn't look neat. 3. A criticism obsesses bachelors, because almost everybody considers that people must be married. 4. There was a vast pile of trash. We should gradually clean everything. 5. He quickly distinguished that she was seductive woman, although she seemed too shy. 6. She was so seductive, that he couldn't help to slap her butt. 7. A mother punished her child slapping his butt. 8. I adore to listen to granny's stories. Her narrative always are dramatically fascinating. 9. Curiously, they have friction even because of trifles. 10. Tom loves her despite her constant smirks and wrinkles when she frowns.
25 de Jun de 2015 às 07:39
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Can you submit as notebook so I can correct it for you. It's currently set as an open question.
25 de Junho de 2015
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