How to type Korean characters using our computer?
Sep 5, 2008 9:06 AM
Answers · 3
oh hi well i had the same problem,so i don't know if your computer is the same but go to the START menu in the left bottom corner,then CONTROL PANEL, then go to REGIONAL & LANGUAGE OPTIONS,then click the 2nd tab which says LANGUAGES,in the first box,click the DETAILS button,then there will be an ADD button on the side, click it,and under INPUT LANGAUGE,find the language you want & also under KEYBOARD LAYOUT/IME,in your case you look for OK,then a button should pop up on the botton right side of your computer along w/ the other icons,it'll probably have KO on it, once you click it,you can type it,but i recommend you also add the ENGLISH button cause if you want to go back to typing in english you can just click that button & to add english it'll be the same steps just find english under INPUT LANGUAGES & KEYBOARD LAYOUT/IME.hope i really helped,srry if i left a step out[cnt really remember right now],jus hope it works!XD *OHH WAIT ONE MORE STEP[FORGOT]....uhhh right after you click DETAILS,in the first box it'll say DEFAULT INPUT LANGUAGE,find KOREAN INPUT SYSTEM(MS-IME 2002)..that what allows you type in korean,&& do the rest of the following steps i told u.&& to check if works in INSTALLED SERVICES box it should be like: KO-korean KEYBOARD- -korean input language system(MS-IME 20020 well i made the steps really detailed jus hope they helped.XD -sunmi.8D
September 6, 2008
순미!<3, explains the Windows procedure to type in Korean on a PC. On a Mac, go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES by clicking on the APPLE ICON on the top left of the MENU BAR. On the top row titled PERSONAL, choose INTERNATIONAL. Go to INPUT MENU, from there choose the languages you want to type with. After you choose them you should see at the bottom of the LANGUAGE LIST MENU a list of INPUT MENU SHORTCUTS. You can change them or keep them the same. These is how you will be able to switch from your NATIVE LANGUAGE to DESIRED LANGUAGE you want to type in. The INPUT CHOOSE OPTION below the INPUT MENU SHORTCUTS allows you to USE ONE LANGUAGE FOR ALL DOCUMENTS or ALLOW A DIFFERENT INPUT LANGUAGE FOR ALL DOCUMENTS. I use the last optioon.Choose SHOW INPUT MENU IN MENU BAR to see the list of languages and options you have. Close SYSTEM PREFERENCES. The INPUT MENU is on the RIGHT SIDE of the MENU BAR. You should see the FLAG and INITIALS of your COUNTRY LANGUAGE for me it would have the U.S. flag and the INITIALS U.S. as the last ICON in the row next to the DATE. Click it to see your list of items. You can use the KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to SWITCH LANGUAGES. Play with the InPUT MENU. There are some cool features like the CHARACTER PALETTE and KEYBOARD VIEWER. And read about it in the MAC HELP MANUAL. Good luck.
September 10, 2008
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