"mentre" e "quando" Both the two words "mentre" e "quando" have the meaning of "when....." , so is there any difference between "mentre" e "quando" when they mean " when .... " ?
Jul 1, 2015 9:24 AM
Answers · 6
Sometimes /mentre/ can even be a translation for /as/, when it is related to coincidence in time. A well known example (for Italians who like songsby Fabrizio De Andre`) Original English (for instance, as is sung by Joan Baez, traditional ballad) As I walked out over London bridge, one misty morning early ... Italian well known version: Mentre attraversavo London Bridge un giorno senza sole ...
July 1, 2015
mentre == when only in cases where there are two (or more) events that share a common time. This will be the context that could guide you.
July 1, 2015
I am curious where you got the information about ' mentre == when ', it is not correct. mentre == while quando == when
July 1, 2015
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