How do you learn English? Could you share me what kind of the way can improve your English? I am looking for some ways to improve my English....
Jul 2, 2015 12:29 PM
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I'd like to talk about my opinions towards learning English. The reasons of which we cannot express ourselves very well are due to below: 1. Environment. Most of people around us are not English-spokers and it's hard to use it in most occasions except work. Practice makes perfect..however, how can you become perfect if you never practice? 2. Read and know too little. I always wonder why others are so eloquent and it seems that they have so many's just because I know too little and read too little. 3. Vocabulary. Even you know many latest new in your country, but you still cannot speak it out. why? because you have very limited vocabulary and you don't know how to say this "word". 4. Listen. You can’t catch the ideas of others if you have poor listening ability. 5. Or maybe something else My solutions are as below: 1.Create such environment. Today is technology-leading world, so you can discover many methods to search your partners. Nothing is difficult for the one who sets his mind to it. You can also try to soliloquize and narrate some interesting topics and stories. 2.Try to read everyday. Read is the most gorgeous thing in the world. Through books or newspapers, you would get know of others’ life, thoughts and various news from poles to poles. Therefore, you will have something to talk and share. 3.Memorize words everyday. Maybe you will say you already memorize too many words, but it’s not enough, no one can tell others confidently that you stand at the mountaintop. You only know a tip of an iceberg. So, try to learn everyday. 4.Listen everyday. Try to listen some small sentences and essays, or you can watch movies, teleplays or so. By the way, being know the rules of speaking such as liaison,elision and weak forms, that is also conducive to your listening and speaking. 5....
July 3, 2015
ai usually listen to new unkown songs and I try to write the lyrics. Then I compare my notes to the original song. Try also watching films and series in the original version, or with English subtitles.
July 2, 2015
If you would like to improve your English, please schedule a lesson with me, I am a teacher here on iTalki!
July 2, 2015
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