How to say these in Mandarin Chinese? + best websites ? 您好 How to say these sentences in Chinese? - WOW ,,,, I've lost so much weight - we are under the same sky - I'm having this delicious lunch with my family/friends - how cute is this/ are these? - The sky is so beautiful today - i wish it would rain!! - Starting my morning with this yummy breakfast ... i'm going to the mall later - Off to Dubai ... - I don't know anymore, I'm confused (⊙_⊙) - it's been 2 years since I've been here + What are the best websites in your opinion for learning Mandarin Chinese? 谢谢
Jul 4, 2015 3:31 AM
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Salam, here is the answer:) 哇,我瘦了不少(lose weight is 减肥 surely you can say我减了不少) 我们在同一片天空下。 我正在和我的家人/朋友享用(you can also use 吃)美味的午餐 它们多可爱啊! 今天的天空真漂亮` 我真希望能下雨 用美味的早餐作为早晨的开始,我待会去超市 去迪拜 我别的什么也不知道。我很困惑 我来这里已经两年了 Hope it may help
July 4, 2015
※哇!我瘦超多 ※我們在同一片天空下 ※我和朋友/家人吃了超好吃的午餐 ※這也太可愛了吧! ※今天的天空好美~ ※我希望下雨 ※以美味的早餐最為一天的開始,我等下要去購物中心 ※要去杜拜 ※好困惑哦,我什麼都不知道 ※我來這裡兩年了
July 5, 2015
I learned with and I supplement with other materials but yoyo is excellent.
July 4, 2015
哇,我已经减下来这么多了! •我们同在一片天空下 •我和我的家人/朋友吃了一顿美味的午餐 •这是多么可爱啊? 今天的天空是如此的美丽 •我希望它会下雨!! 早上吃了美味的早餐…我要去购物中心 -去迪拜… 我不知道,我很困惑(⊙_⊙) 自从我到这儿以来已经2年了 This is a website that can help you translate many languages online!
July 4, 2015
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