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Da words eg darauf, darüber, daran I am learning german verbs and prepositions, for example denken an (Akk) to think about hoffen auf (Akk) to hope for sprechen über (Akk) to speak about If I want to say I think about it I hope for it I speak about it Is it simply Ich denke daran Ich hoffe darauf Ich spreche darüber. Can i do the same for all verbs and their prepositions? Just trying to get used to all the da words !
Jul 4, 2015 9:27 PM
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Yes, that is all right. Of course, the thing you are thinking about or hoping for etc. must have been mentioned before. And then, there is another structure. Since a preposition can be used only with nouns, for verbs or subordinated sentences we need this structure as well. Ich muss noch über diese Situation nachdenken. (noun) Ich denke darüber nach, nächstes Jahr nach Deutschland zu gehen. (infinitive) Think about often translates to 'nachdenken über' rather than 'denken an', when we are talking about problems, difficulties etc., anything we must find a solution for. Ich muss darüber nachdenken, wie man das Problem lösen kann. (subordinate sentence)
July 5, 2015
I think about it = ich denke darüber nach Because: Ich denke daran = I (will) remember it Hast du dadran gedacht = Did you remember it? Hast du dadrüber nachgedacht? = Did you think about it? (Have you thought about it?) The rest is correct.
July 5, 2015
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