What the meaning of 우리? And when use 우리 and 내? 1. I hear on drama, 우리 is 'my'. But, in the book 우리 is 'we'. So, what the meaning of 우리? 2. When use 우리 and 내? Thanks before :)
Jul 6, 2015 4:43 AM
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우리 means "we" or "our" 내 means "my" Quoted from 나의 = my (informal) = 내 (short) 저의 = my (polite)= 제 (short) 우리 = our (informal) 저희 = our (polite) Therefore, 저희 아버지 means "our father" However, in Korean, people usually say 저희 아버지 rather than 제 아버지. It is a cultural thing. Koreans usually say 우리 아빠, 우리 엄마, 저희 아버지, 저희 어머니 rather than 내 엄마, 내 아빠, 제 아버지 or 제 어머니. I believe it is due to the distinct "group mindset" of Korean culture. So when you want to say "my mum", you wouldn't say 내 엄마 or 제 어머니 but rather 우리 엄마 or 저희 어머니. Therefore, although 우리 아들이에요 means "our son", you'd still say 우리 아들이에요 when you're talking about "my son." I think this use of "our" usually occurs when referring to a family member or any other group-ish things. For example, 우리 아빠 (or 저희 아버지) = our dad (our father) rather than 내 아빠 or 제 아버지 우리 엄마 = our mum (my mum) 우리 아들 = our son (my son) 우리 딸 = our daughter (my daughter) 우리 나라 = 'Our country' (my contry) rather than 내 나라 우리 말 = 'our language' (my language) rather than 내 말 우리/저희 가족 = 'our family' (my family) 우리/저희 학교 = 'our school' (my school) 우리 집 = 'our house' (my house) rather than 내 집 우리 강아지 = our puppy (pet)
July 6, 2015
우리 means "we" or "our"(possessive). There's also the humble form 저희. 내 is a contraction of 나의 (나+의)("I/me"+"'s"[possessive]). It means "my". Due to Korean culture, to show respect, humility and a sense of community/nation, Koreans often use 우리 instead of 내/제 (depending on the situation). So it would literally be translated as "our" but the actual understood meaning is "my" (or "our" if you really meant it that way).
July 6, 2015
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