please help me! is this paragraph correct? urgent please dude Sorry for texting you but i want to tell you this. me and Rexi broke up again. but this time ill swear on god i didn't do anything wrong. ill swear on god. when i was looking at her facebook home page i saw a girl wearing a nice blue color dress. so i downloaded it and showed it to her. and she got pissed. she scolded me. but i thought she's an american celebrity. ill swear on god. i didn't search her. i'm telling you the truth. so i apologize a million times. if you want i'll send you screenshots. but still she wants to break up. it means she don't love me. this time i didn't do anything wrong dude. and now she's telling that she's going out with someone else.
Jul 7, 2015 4:26 AM
Answers · 2
I'll swear on god = I swear to god I didn't search her = I didn't search for her She's an american celebrity = She was an American celebrity She don't love me = She doesn't love me Your paragraph makes sense, but has grammar and punctuation mistakes. Do you want them corrected too?
July 7, 2015
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