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Question 앞으로 걸어갈 더 많은 시간에 으리가 함께 하겠습니다. Hi , plz help me in the translation of this . 걸어갈 in this phrase ㄹ mean in the future?
Jul 7, 2015 9:30 PM
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Yes you are right. It's more like "Written Korean" 앞으로 걸어갈 시간 = " The time you will spend" , " The future you are going", "The time you will walk along" another examples 앞으로 나아갈(나아가다 -> 나아가+ㄹ) 시간 = " It's time to move forward", " we didn't go forward yet but it's about time to do" 안으로 들어갈(v.들어가다 ->들어가+ㄹ)시간 =" It's time to get in", " We didn't go inside but it's about time to get in(or jump it or go inside)" Hope you understand Cheers DK
July 8, 2015
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