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You want to prove a fact by showing a picture. For example, You got the perfect score in a test. So you want to show it off to your friends by showing a picture of the score. You travel to Paris. So you want to prove that you are in Paris for your friends. You take a picture of yourself with Eiffel tower. In those cases, Is there any words for the pictures taken for proof? like OOOOpicture. another question. Please tell me if these sentences are right. 1. Take a picture after streaming the song. 2. You already streamed the song. Thanks in advance. :)(words=>word*)
Jul 9, 2015 6:11 AM
Answers · 1
There isn't a common phrase for that sort of picture. I guess maybe 'evidence picture' or maybe 'proof picture' would be understandable, Yes, both those sentences are OK.
July 9, 2015
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Follow your HEART
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