The Position of the Word "Especially" I recently wrote this sentence in other language exchange site: "Especially, I love the three songs "Romantic Flight", "Forbidden Friendship", and "Test Drive"". Two correcters put the word "especially" before "love" as: "especially love". However, the other correcter didn't change the position. I was confused, so I asked which of "Especially, I ~" and "I especially ~ " was more natural on italki. The answerer said the first one was very awkward. Yesterday, I wrote these sentences: "What's so great about this movie is the stellar performance of all the actors in the movie. Song Gang-Ho, who played the character of Song Woo-Seok, especially gave many people goose bumps and definitively proved himself to be one of the best Korean actors." However, the correcter put the word "especially" before "Song Gang-Ho" In these sentences, is the position of "especially" strange?? Why? I'm really confusedㅠㅅㅠ Please help me!
Jul 9, 2015 12:22 PM
Answers · 11
"Especially" has quite a few different uses. In the first case, you used "especially" as an adverb. When used as an adverb to mean "very," place "especially" before the verb. (Now I can't guarantee that this is true for all adverbial cases, but it is true in general.) In the second case, you were trying to draw the "very-ness" to a specific character. When you draw attention to a specific thing, use "especially" before that certain thing. Hope this helps :)
July 9, 2015
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