What is the difference between 잎 and 잎사귀? Is there a defference when you use them in a sentence?
Jul 9, 2015 3:42 PM
Answers · 2
- 잎 leaf, leaves, blades it means not only single one but also plural ones. ex) 푸르른 잎을 바라보았더니, 마음이 다시 편해졌다. When I looked at green leaves, I felt comfortable again. 잎 can be a compound word such as 나뭇잎(leaves of tree) and 풀잎(blades of grass) 잎 can be used as unit to count the number of leaves. ex) 네 잎 클로버 (O), 네 잎사귀 클로버 (X) a four-leaf clover. - 잎사귀 leaf It is usually used to mean a singular leaf ex) 그녀는 잎사귀 하나도 세심하게 보살폈다. She took great care of even one leaf. If you would like to use 잎사귀 as plural form, you have to use 잎사귀들. Also, you can use 이파리 instead of 잎사귀
July 9, 2015
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