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What do these lyrics mean from Fairuz's "Kifak Enta"? Hey all! Can someone help explain these lyrics to me: " بيطلع ع بالي ارجع انا وياك انت حلالـــــــي.. ارجع انا ويالك انا وانت ملاّ انت بتذكر آخر مرة شو قلتلي بدك ضلّي بدك فيكي تفلّي زعلت بوقتا وما حلّلتا انو انت هيدا انت بترجع ع راسي رغم العِيل والناس " I've looked at translations but I'm still a bit confused. Cheers!
Jul 11, 2015 3:12 AM
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Old songs are harder to translate since they've deep meaning and they are from ancient Lebanese dialect , but i'll try to help you with this :D It comes to my mind to come back with you You're mine , I come back with you You and I , O' you Do you remember last time what you told me ? Do you want stay or you can flee ? I got angry that time and I even did not think about it. ( Think about staying or leaving ) You are same and it's your nature. ( That means it's you nature that you don't fulfill your promise or you don't keep me as a lover ) It comes to my mind although children and people. ( I remember that even though I still have people around me and children which means she might got married from another man ) Story of this song : The singer talks to his old lover and tell him how the life has changed even though she got married to another man and he did not fulfill his promise. I hope I helped with my translation .. :P feel free to ask what you want
July 11, 2015
that song is from Lebanonese dialect I can't explain it well because my English not that good so she sing about her love,,, she said that it become in my mind to back to you again because you are mine I was remember the last time you said to me if you want you can stay and if you want you can leave that makes me angry and I was leave without thinking that is you nature and it return to my mind although the people hope it will be helpful to you I tried to do my best in translated
July 11, 2015
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