meals time I would like to know if what we study in our textbooks is really true with British people. do most of you have breakfast very early ( not very much due to lack of time , except for Sundays), lunch at 12 midday, just a sandwich or some chips dinner at 5 or 6 , maybe the largest meal nothing else till you go to bed at about ten ? That´s how we are told you do. Is it at least true for most ordinary people? Thanks
Jul 11, 2015 6:29 PM
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Breakfast is whenever you get up. During the week the vast majority of people have to be at work for 9am so obviously it will be before that, I don't probably around 7:30/8am for most people. If you are at work, or at school then you have lunch during the lunch hour (normally from 12 until 1, or from 1 until 2, although some jobs might have greater flexibility with this). Normally it's just a sandwich or something. And then dinner in the evening, which is the largest meal of the day. A lot of jobs finish at 5 o'clock in the evening so dinner would be around 6:30/7pm I think for a lot of people. I normally eat at around 7pm. People snack during the day, it's not just three main meals and nothing else. On Sundays some people have 'Sunday lunch', which is in the mid-afternoon, around 2pm/3pm. This is a large meal, with roasted meat (beef or chicken normally) and lots of vegetables, Yorkhshire puddings etc. It used to be that people had this every Sunday, as a tradition but I think that is less common nowadays. My mum does one maybe every 6 weeks or every 2 months, because it is quite a lot of effort to do on a weekly basis.
July 11, 2015
What your textbook tells you is not very accurate The timing you describe ( very early breakfast, lunch at 12, dinner at 5 pm and bed at 10 pm) sounds like the kind of regime imposed on people in schools, prisons, hospitals and old folks' homes - mainly for the convenience of the staff! I don't think that many adults would choose to eat their meals, or go to bed, quite that early. As the other members have said, breakfast is whenever you want it or need it. There are no fixed times for breakfast. We have breakfast at whatever time is convenient. Most people have lunch somewhere between 12.30 and 1.30. Dinner time in most people's homes is maybe 6.30 or 7.30. Children may eat earlier. If you are going out to eat at a restaurant, 8pm is the most usual time. I don't know anyone who goes to bed at 10. The average adult's bedtime is 11/11.30 in the week, or later at the weekends. Finally, note that your title should be 'Meal times'. This is a compound noun, so the first word is invariable.
July 12, 2015
I would say breakfast time is whenever you get up, which obviously varies from job to job. Lunch time I would say is roughly from 12-2.30 and dinner 5.30-6.30. I'm only talking about myself here. And I do eat after dinner but is usually just snacks, not proper meals. And dinner is the largest meal of the day for most people.
July 11, 2015
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