Japanese: to hear What is the best way to say "I heard them yesterday." and "I hear them every morning." when "them" refers to a group of students, a flock of birds, etc? Do we need to use the verb kiku or the verb kikoeru? Watashi wa kinou karera wo kiita. ???
Jul 12, 2015 5:12 AM
Answers · 6
.... ga kikoeta. .... ga mai-asa kikoeru. "them" might be " ...の声 ( .... no koe )” ; 学生たちの声 , 鳥のさえずり ( chatting of them, chirp of birds)
July 12, 2015
You can use 聞く in those case. 聞く can mean to ask, though. So you have to read it from context. 聞こえる means "to be heard" or "to be audible". It's an intransitive verb, meaning that it doesn't take an object. "I heard them yesterday." can be 昨日彼らを聞いた。or 昨日彼らが聞こえた。 "I hear them every morning." can be 毎朝彼らを聞く。or 毎朝彼らが聞こえる。 I'm not a native speaker so correct me if I'm wrong :)
July 12, 2015
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