与、于、予、余、於? how to pronounce them and what are those mean?
Sep 9, 2008 3:07 AM
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与(yǔ) 于(yú )予(yǔ) 余(yú) 於(yū) 与 = and, with... 于 = for, of, to, at... 予 = give 余 = surplus 於 = 于 (I think....) 来人帮我确认一下吧
September 9, 2008
【於】字不可作为“姓氏”,Traditional 的“姓氏”本应是【于】字,繁简体的转换并非是“一对一”的直接替换。
September 9, 2008
"与"means "and",For example: u and me are plying basketball.means do sth together with sb '于"means" so " ,example i'm hungry so i need sth to eat 予means " give" same with 给,they were a phrase:给予,in chinese we read it:jiyv . 余means :"the remaining",example if i have three apples and i ate two of them minutes latter ,now the last is the remaining apple . 於=于 the former was a complex characters with the latter in chinese, but they are the same meaning . is that aright?
September 16, 2008
与 = with... and, give… 于 = give 、of、to、 at... for 予 = I、give 余 = I、 surplus 於 = 于 常用的意思
September 9, 2008
与: 1给 (赠与) 2 交往(相与) 3赞许、帮助(与人为善) 4跟(与困难作斗争) 5和(工业与农业) 于:1在(于2008年)2给(嫁祸于人)3向(求救于人)4对、对于(对于我们)5源自(青出于蓝)6比较(大于、小于)7被动(见笑于人)8动词+于(属于、至于、)9形容词+于(易于理解)10到现在(于今)11于是 予:1=我(予取予求)2给(免予处分)予以=给以 余:1=我 2剩下(余钱)2零头(一百余斤)3以外(业余、兴奋之余) 於:1=于 2wu一声,感叹词 (於乎=呜呼),於菟=虎 常用的如 李汉伦 说的差不多。
September 9, 2008
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